What is a Healthy Weight Loss Per Week in Pounds?

This article will answer the question, “What is a healthy weight loss per week?” Often, when we are determined to lose weight to improve our health or to look better for a special occasion, we are impatient and want to drop our excess pounds quickly. In this situation, it’s common for people to expect to […]

Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench & Squat Rack Reviews

A workout bench is one of the most useful pieces of fitness equipment you can buy to build strength and get buff at home, and the Gold’s Gym XRS 20 Olympic Workout Bench is among the best you will find in its price range. The components are solid and durable, and the bench adjusts to […]

Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike with Upper Body Strength System Review

The Stamina Wonder Exercise Bike with Upper Body Strength System is an affordable fitness aid that will enable you to simultaneously experience the benefits of stationary bike workouts and upper body muscle toning. A compact upright stationary bike that folds, it has a semi-recumbent seat.  It differs from most other exercise bikes in that two […]

Does the Satiating Diet Plan Really Work and is it Safe?

This article looks at the Satiating Diet Plan.  Included is an overview, so you know what to expect.  We will also look at its pros and cons and the reasons it works well.  And I will  include a typical Satiating Diet meal plan and a Satiating Diet foods list. With new diets coming out all […]

How to Buy a Rowing Machine and the Proper Way to Use It

This article contains tips and advice on how to buy a rowing machine.  Included will be the things to look for, an overview of the different types of rowing machine, and instructions for how to properly use a rowing machine.  We will also look at some rowing machine tips for new users. Rowing machine workouts […]

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain Without Starving Yourself

If you’re looking for tips on how to avoid holiday weight gain, this article has you covered. The festive season is a fabulous time of year.  It’s a time to spend with family and friends, some of whom we may not catch up with often enough. It’s also a time when we tend to throw […]

How Foam Rolling Exercises Can Improve Your Workouts

In this article, we will look at how foam rolling exercises can improve your workouts. You will learn ten benefits of foam rolling and two drawbacks, how to choose a foam roller, how to use a foam roller, how often to do so, and more. Foam rollers are a simple and affordable tool used for self-myofascial […]

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